Women's Centre

Project Background

Women’s Centre works with and for the wellbeing of all women by assisting, encouraging and supporting them to make informed choices in their lives.  They provide a safe, welcoming women’s-only environment, offering confidential and non-judgemental support.   They maintain and encourage feminist ideals for the centre, promote lesbian visibility, affirm women and support them in making choices in their lives.  They educate and inform the community about issues affecting women, promote personal growth, self-determination, autonomy and work towards social change for the benefit of all women.  

What we did

Data collected by the Women’s Centre showed over 6000 women contacted the centre by phone, email or in person and over 1400 women dropped into the centre for support over the last financial year.   We reviewed the current systems for collecting data and the data collected over the previous two years.  We created a process for collecting and displaying data that connects the activities directly to the objectives set by the Women's Centre board.


This data demonstrates the need and demand for the services provided by the Women’s Centre.  The data collection framework demonstrates to funders and stakeholders how effective the Women’s Centre is  at achieving the board's objectives.    Further we proposed additional non intrusive data collection tools to ensure that the centre collects evidence to demonstrate outcomes into the future. 

“I have always felt safe and comfortable here. The free service is truly amazing and allowed me to access counselling where I otherwise would not have been able to. I truly feel this has saved my life.”

-Women's Centre client

Find out how we can help you

We’ll work with you to find out what’s working, where investment could be put to best use or how to improve anything not going to plan. We can help you define success and set tangible, measurable goals. And we talk in real language so you can understand and engage with the findings. We engage with the community to conduct community research and consultations for private companies, trusts, government agencies, NGOs and more. But we have a special interest in research that has a purpose - to better society and teach lessons. We aim to help those we work with build capacity to enact positive change.