Tai Aranui

Project Background

Te Rūnanga o Ngā Maata Waka in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Police and the Department of Corrections have established an inter-agency partnership to provide a marae-based service to prevent victimisation, offending, re-offending and encourage possibilities of change. Tai Aranui operates within a marae-based context on location at Ngā Hau e Whā Marae, where it provides a Justice Innovation Hub and access to a broad range of specialised services. There are four specialist workstreams that have been created; Te Waharoa (Facilitated service for youth at risk of offending), Manapou Taiohi, (Intensive mentoring for youth offenders), Manapou Wāhine (Support for women in prison) and Mauri Tū (Support for youth to obtain their driver licences and prevent offending).

What we did

We are working with Tai Aranui on a three-year developmental evaluation to support the development of an innovative pilot over the funding period.  Hēmi Te Hēmi is the project leader of the evaluation managing the engagement across stakeholders and data collection.  We have recently completed the first evaluation report, in a series of six monthly reports over the three-year developmental evaluation.

 Developmental evaluation supports the creation of innovative initiatives to address complex problems (McDonald, 2016). In developmental evaluation, the evaluator collaborates closely with the project team. The evaluator uses skills such as asking evaluative questions, applying programme logic, and data collection and analysis to inform the development process.


The first evaluation point found that significant work had been undertaken to establish the four workstreams from concept design to implementation. There is evidence of impact and positive outcomes for youth and whānau including; high demand for wahine and driver licencing services and whānau reporting impact through changes in behaviour and learning new skills.

The project is embedding the systems and structures to reach full implementation. Staff members are passionate and committed to the kaupapa of Tai Aranui and working well forming a collaborative team across the partnership, who are focused on learning and providing the best possible intervention support for whānau.  

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