Kaiapoi Borough School and the Rata Foundation

Project background

This brief evaluation was commissioned by Kaiapoi Borough School in conjunction with the Rata Foundation to evaluate two initiatives that were supported by the Foundation. The two initiatives were designed to support students and their families at Kaiapoi Borough School post-quake. These were: a part-time counsellor/social worker in partnerships with Presbyterian Support/Family Works and an arts-based intervention co-funded by the Red Cross and Creative Communities Waimakariri. The evaluation of both interventions was constrained by funding, therefore the methodology and design had to reflect the amount of time and resource available.

What we did

The evaluation was designed to demonstrate programme impact, particularly for students and their whānau. Data was collected in partnership with the school teachers and the specialist providers. We interviewed the students’ families and analysed the data to determine the impact of these programmes.

"We have greatly appreciated and benefitted from working with Ihi Research. As a team, their carefully considered approach and ability to listen to and respond to needs is tremendous. The importance of matching research design with the constraints of a tight budget and still providing a high-quality paper has been outstanding. We will have no hesitation in collaborating with the Ihi team again."

-Principal, Kaiapoi Borough School

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