Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu: Wave 1

Project background

Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu is the Whānau Ora commissioning agency in the South Island and the realisation of an iwi led model that invests directly in Māori for social impact and to bring about positive change for whānau. The purpose of this evaluation was to evaluate the impact of the 23 Wave One whānau enterprise initiatives and the process of commissioning and supporting their success.

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What we did

The evaluation we conducted reports on the first wave of investment and the describes the activity and outcomes that have been realised through a whānau enterprise model. This took place between June and September 2016. Data was gathered through a comprehensive review of monitoring data and 75 interviews with whānau from the initiatives and Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu staff. The data was analysed using NVivo, applying an inductive sorting process.


The data was presented in two forms; 23 whānau enterprise narratives to present the depth of activity within the initiatives, and a cross- case analysis that responded to the research questions. Find more information about Te Pūtahitanga and their innovative work at here

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