Dr Larissa Kus-Harbord

PhD, MSc, BSc.

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Larissa has worked with research teams in New Zealand and Estonia for over 18 years. She is passionate about analytical work and synthesizing research evidence. She brings significant experience in participating and leading individual and partnership-based research projects in and for academic and governmental agencies. Larissa has delivered research and analysis across various portfolios including education, conservation, political science, intercultural relations, and policing.  She has conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses for large scale evaluation projects, such as the school-based professional developmental programmes He Kākano and Te Kotahitanga.

With the diversity of her previous research experience, Larissa has developed skills and confidence in undertaking all stages of analytical projects, from designing to delivering finished outputs, and implementing diverse research approaches and methodologies. Her research skills including survey design, interviewing, qualitative and quantitative data analysis using multiple statistical programmes (e.g. SPSS, AMOS, NVivo, Excel) gained through training, self-teaching, and working on multiple research projects.

Larissa has worked in multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams across a variety of contexts implementing her analytical skills.  This experience has made her appreciate the importance of flexibility and communicating to multiple stakeholders. She has produced and communicated research results and implications to academic and non-academic audiences (representatives of governmental agencies) through numerous presentations, reports, and peer-reviewed academic publications. She is an experienced reviewer of research publications, and several psychology peer-reviewed journals.

2011     PhD in Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington

2005     MSc. in Psychology, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Estonia

2000     BSc. in Psychology and Social Pedagogy, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Estonia